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Calabay Parc At Tower Lake
Calabay Parc At Tower Lake
Calabay Parc At Tower Lake - Weather



Orlando 'The Sunshine State' where summer is all year round.

With Orlando’s immediacy to the Tropic of Cancer and its low altitude, it remains warm all year round. However, weather may feel hotter than it actually is due to the extreme humidity. Here are some statistics of the average highs, lows, and rain fall per month:

Average High: 70.8 F, 21.5 C, Average Low: 48.6 F, 9.2 C, Average Precipitation: 2.30 Inches

January is one of the coldest and driest months. It rarely snows but it may frost or freeze overnight with temperatures dipping into the low 30’s F.

Tip: Dressing in layers is important during the winter months. It is best to have a coat for the evenings and maybe a sweater/sweatshirt during the day.

Average High: 72.7 F, 22.6 C, Average Low: 49.7 F, 9.8 C, Average Precipitation: 3.02 Inches

February is usually cooler at the beginning and warmer, more spring-like by the end of the month. Rain chances are low.

Tip: Dressing in layers is recommended if you plan on being outdoors especially in the early morning hours or evening hours.

Average High: 78.0 F, 25.5 C, Average Low: 55.2 F, 12.8 C, Average Precipitation: 3.21 Inches

March has warmer temperatures. Rain chances increase slightly.

Tip: Flip-flops and shorts during the day are not uncommon with maybe a sweater or light jacket for the evenings.

Average High 83.0 F, 28.3 C, Average Low: 59.4 F, 12.2 C, Average Precipitation: 1.80 Inches

April is when spring reaches its peak, temperatures are very pleasant and warm with low chances of rain.

Tip Wearing flip flops on the wet rides preventing your shoes and socks getting soaked and having to spend the rest of your day with wet feet

Average High: 87.8 F, 31 C, Average Low: 65.9 F, 18.8 C, Average Precipitation: 3.55 Inches

May is when temperatures begin to reach the upper 80’s F. Rain chances increase this month.

Tip: Take a few small frozen water bottles when going out in the morning. Pack the water in your backpack and it will stay cool most of the day.

Average High: 90.5 F, 32.5 C, Average Low: 71.8 F, 22.1 C, Average Precipitation: 7.32 Inches

June is when summer and the rainy season begins. With strong storms appearing each afternoon, typically lasting from 30 minutes upto two hours.

Tip: Pack a poncho and umbrella but put them in a small trash bag to keep other items in youy backpack dry.

Average High: 91.5 F, 33 C, Average Low: 73.1 F, 22.8 C, Average Precipitation: 7.25 Inches

July is the middle of summer, with hot temperatures and high humidity being the norm. Evenings can be humid, unpleasant and draining. Afternoon thunderstorms are daily occurrences.

Tip: Take a wet washcloth wrapped around a freezer pack and placed in a zippered plastic bag in your backpack will provide you with a cold, wet cloth to help you cool off on a hot day.

Average High: 91.5 F, 33 C, Average Low: 73.4 F, 23 C, Average Precipitation: 6.78 Inches

August is when the weather becomes sweltering. Thunderstorms typically occur each afternoon and occassionally late at night.

Tip: Take a change of clothes if staying outside in the heat and humidity all day.

Average High: 89.7 F, 32 C, Average Low: 72.4 F, 22.4 C, Average Precipitation: 6.01 Inches

September may be a fall month, but temperatures will still rival those in early summer-close to 90 degrees along with high humidity. With rain almost every week but not on a daily occurrence in the afternoon like July or August.

Tip: Put extra frozen water bottles in a cooler so that you will have a cool drink after a long day out.

Average High: 84.6 F, 29.2 C, Average Low: 65.8 F, 18.7 C, Average Precipitation: 2.42 Inches

October is a very pleasant month both in temperature and in rainfall.

Tip: Take a sweater or light jacket for the evenings.

Average High: 78.5 F, 25.8 C, Average Low: 57.5 F, 14.2 C, Average Precipitation: 2.30 Inches

November is said to be one of the best months with pleasant temperatures in the 70’s F and low precipitation.

Tip: A light jacket or sweatshirt may be needed at night.

Average High: 72.9 F, 22.7 C, Average Low: 51.3 F, 10.7 C, Average Precipitation: 2.15 Inches

December is the last month of the year with pleasant and cooler temperatures. Rainfall is low. Temperatures seem to fluctuate more this month than other months of the year.

Tip: Wear a light jacket during the day and maybe a coat at night.

Hurricanes in Orlando

Hurricane Season starts the beginning of June and lasts until the end of November, with the peak of the season being from mid-August to late October. Although a direct hit from a hurricane is not common in Central Florida, the effects of a hurricane located in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean can be felt across the entire state of Florida. As a result, high winds and torrential rains can occur and potentially spur tornados and local flooding. Theme parks and other Orlando attractions take all storms seriously and will close outdoor attractions when lightning or heavy rain are noted in the area. When traveling in Central Florida during hurricane season, you may encounter travel delays or cancellations if a serious storm develops.

Calabay Parc At Tower Lake - WeatherCalabay Parc At Tower Lake - Weather

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